Who would I take as a New Year’s Eve date?

So here’s a fun, silly post I thought of for tonight. The New Year’s weekend is nearly upon us. I have a party lined up for the weekend, but without a hot date to bring. Not a problem really. I’m the kind of girl who is used to doing things solo anyway. Then I thought about who I would bring as a date if a bunch of the anime/manga characters I have a crush on were real.

I already know who I would take on the video games end of the spectrum (*cough Alistair* *cough of Dragon Age: Origins*), but this post is focused on one anime/manga character currently on my mind for a New Year’s Eve date. My hunky bishonen pick? Yuhi of Ayashi no Ceres.

Yuhi of Ayashi no Ceres

I recently got three new volumes of Ayashi no Ceres to add to my current collection for Christmas. As I was reading Volume 9, I remembered why he appealed to me more than Toya when I first got into the series a long time ago. I have nothing against Toya, but I feel Yuhi has more appeal as a boyfriend than Toya. Of course let’s be honest, Toya isn’t so bad on the eyes either.

Why would I love a date with Yuhi? He’s the kind of guy who loves as passionately as he fights. All those times Yuhi tries to woo Aya is enough to make any girl swoon. You almost want to yell at Aya for rejecting the poor guy time and time again.

Yuhi has a sense of humor! That’s very important for a date to have. Someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and who also reminds us not to take yourself too seriously either. He can laugh at himself and will go the extra mile to make a girl smile. Ceres is a pretty heavy manga to read of all the mangas I’ve read by Yuu Watase. This one has less humor and more drama. The few comic relief moments tend to lie with Yuhi or Mrs. Q. And thank goodness too! The drama in this manga can be stifling and you need the comic moments to breathe sometimes. I also prefer Yuhi over Toya because Toya tends to be too much of the brooding, serious guy.

Toya, you are a hottie but you really need to lighten up sometime

What else makes Yuhi appealing? The guy can cook. A man in the kitchen is an absolute bonus for us girls. Just picture it, you want to spend a quiet New Year’s Eve at home and your date offers to cook you a homemade meal. How wonderful is that?

Let’s recap, shall we? Yuhi would be my ideal New Year’s Eve date because:

A. He has a lot of passion, sweet, caring, and is handsome.

B. He has a sense of humor. This man will keep me entertained for the entire night.

C. He can cook. While you are laughing over something funny or adorable he does, you will be doing it over a delicious meal by candlelight.

And there you have it. If an anime/manga character were real and I could pick one as my date for New Year’s, it would be Yuhi.

What about you? Any fantasies of hot anime/manga characters you wish you could take out in real life? And why him/her?

2 thoughts on “Who would I take as a New Year’s Eve date?

  1. Love this idea! I don’t think I could date any of Yuu Watase’s male characters – they’re all a bit too perfect. They’d be gorgeous to look at, though. A lot of my favorite male anime and manga characters only work in the safety of fiction – Tsukasa from Boys Over Flowers is too tempermental, Sosuke from Full Metal Panic! is a soldier, and much too trigger-happy, and Takumi from Nana is great to read about but I certainly wouldn’t want someone as cold as him as a boyfriend. But most of the ‘nice’ guys are boring to read about…Now you’ve got me thinking.

    1. Thanks, starsamaria! Yeah, it was something that popped into my head as I was riding the train home from work. I can see how a lot of the nice guys from anime/manga tend to be too perfect to be real, but I don’t mind it so much. If it’s one date from a hot guy I’d be happy for that one date only. Kind of like if you had a chance to go out on one date with a celebrity who would it be type of thing.

      Definitely agree with you on how a lot of the other guys you listed sound good in book form, but to date them in real life would be bad. I definitely wouldn’t want to date someone like Tsukasa for the anger management, controlling issues. Sosuke of Full Metal Panic! is definitely cute and naive in a soldier of duty kind of way, but can you imagine a date with that guy? It’d be a whole lot of “Get down!” or guns blazing at the tiniest upset. I like Tamaki of Ouran on paper, but I doubt I would want to date him either. He’d be too dramatic and annoying for my tastes. I would probably leave him before the dinner even started.

      If you ever figure out your pick, let me know! I’m curious to see if you found one you wouldn’t mind going on a date with. 🙂

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