The Geeky Christmas List

Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center (Love this tree, hate the crowds)

Here’s my final Christmas themed post to end the week with. I will be back to your regularly scheduled blogging on Tuesday.

I was thinking of how people would ask me what I want for Christmas. I tell most people to surprise me unless they insist I give them a list of things I want. I have one friend who always wants me to give her a list of my top most wanted things on my wish list right now. When it comes to wish lists on Christmas, here is what I always end up generally putting on such a list:

1. Anime DVD sets of my favorite series.

2. Specific volumes of manga series I am currently collecting.

3. And finally, most recently, video games for the Wii, Nintendo DS/3DS, PSP, or Xbox 360.

Clothes or perfume I’m usually eyeing sometimes make the list, but I tend to save the more fashion based stuff for when I purchase it on my own with any Christmas money/gift cards I receive.

It never fails to have any or all of those top three things on my Christmas list. Special occasions like Christmas or birthdays give me the opportunity to knock off a few things off my mental wish list or my neatly organized Amazon wish list. The Amazon wish list feature is the best thing ever. I can keep track of everything I want in one place. If you can see what my wish list looks like there are a ton of things waiting to be purchased by me or hinted to someone as a gift you want them to get you.

As I’ve said before, being a geek when it comes to the things I have listed are expensive to buy yourself. It adds up. If you can get a helping hand on Christmas by having a friend or loved one indulge your geeky obsessions then why not? They gotta love you for it as it is part of your charm.

Geeky things will always make me happy. The top three items on my geeky Christmas list will keep me entertained, it’s fun, and it’s a bursting collection I am proud to own. Geek first and a fashionista second. I will be geeking out for the entire Christmas weekend.

Happy Holidays and Merry Geeky Christmas from simpleek!

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