Are stilettos worth giving your feet that extra bit of sexy in your evening look?

Here’s another fashionista musing post that is related to dressing up for the holidays. I’m going to talk about the stilettos. I don’t own a pair of stilettos. I never really wanted to own one in my life. When most people see or think of stilettos, you think about how sexy the shoe makes a woman feel. Pair that with almost any outfit and it turns up the heat on your ensemble.

Why do I not own a pair of stilettos? I do not like how skinny the heel is. When I see heels like that I can only imagine how walking down the street in one will cause me to do a number of things:

1. Trip and fall on my behind.

2. My ankle gets sprained thanks to sexy heels.

3. Maintaining a balancing act with my shoes as I try to walk from house to subway. Mind you, with all this concentration it may take me up to two years to get there. I’m exaggerating of course.

I’ve tried stilettos on at a shoe store once. As soon as I had both of them on, I couldn’t take more than two steps away from the seat. Forget about feeling sexy in these shoes, I was already plopping my butt down on the seat to get the things off. These shoes may be sex on heels, but I don’t like the idea of teetering between staying balanced on them to probably having my face meet concrete floor. The heels on stilettos tend to be dangerously, toothpick skinny. I don’t know how women, models, and celebrities are able to wear these things. At one point there was a celeb gossip tidbit a while back about Lady Gaga and Rihanna tripping and falling onstage during a performance for wearing those sky high heels. They may look good in them, but it’s not practical to perform in those treacherous shoes.

Stiletto shoes by Guess being sold on Amazon’s website

Whenever I see stiletto shoes like these, I’m usually afraid of the heel breaking off my shoe. An incident like that can send you into a one way trip to the doctor’s office to treat your very sprained ankle. I love wearing high heel shoes because I’m naturally petite and I want a heel that will give me the boost in height that I need. The height boost won’t be found in a stiletto for me. Nope. Not one bit. I need my heels to be thicker than a toothpick heel.

H&M’s Platform Pumps

Take for instance these shoes from H&M. They are not stilettos, but I’ll get the height I want with the right kind of heel I want. I rather have a thicker heel that will give me the stability I need. I feel I can walk in these shoes normally compared to the Guess stiletto heels.

I find it amusing when I see women out and about wearing their sexy stilettos, but are visibly concentrating on walking slowly and carefully in them. If these girls are with a boyfriend/husband and are wearing their stilettos during a night out they immediately latch onto their men for support. Shoes should not be hazardous to walk in nor do you need a walking stick in the form of a boyfriend/husband to help you walk.

This is one of fashion’s many perplexities I will never understand. Clothes should give you the confidence to say, “I look good and I’m going to project that out to the world.” The shoes you wear should allow you to walk with such confidence and not have you worrying over whether you will make it to the other side of the street in toothpick heels.

The shoes you wear should give you comfort and not have you acting as if you are doing a tight rope act in a circus as you wear the stilettos. They may look good in your holiday evening wear of choice, but I’ll skip out on this one. This is one mainstay trend in fashion I am happy to not have in my shoe collection.

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