The sequins and glitter trend in clothes

Christmas week is upon us, and I wanted to think of some good Christmas themed geeky posts in anime/manga, but I’m drawing a huge blank right now. I still have the rest of the week to try and come up with one. Instead, I have come up with some new fashionista musing posts that are fitting for the upcoming holidays.

The holidays are a time to gather together and spend time with the ones you love. It’s also a time to dress up and look as pretty as the lights on your Christmas tree. The fashion trend I’m noticing in the department stores right now is sequins and lots of glitter for tops, skirts, leggings, and dresses.

As I am a girl who likes the simple and minimalist look in what I wear, I’m not too big on the overly glam trend of sequins. Like leggings, this is a trend that can be worn nicely if done right. I haven’t found a sequined top or skirt I absolutely loved and had to have in my wardrobe. Maybe I might get one piece to mix and match however I like, but this isn’t an item of clothes I would buy more than one of. Trends come and go. Next season the glam look may no longer be popular. This is one of those trends that don’t have a lot of staying power.

I know there are women who probably like the ultra glam look in fashion right now. The sequins and glitter kind of bring to mind the sparkle of the holidays with white lights, sparkling champagne, and any other holiday related image you can think of. The sequins also draws attention to the wearer. It’s a very “Look at me!” kind of fashion statement.

Express Sequin Wide Neck Tee

This top from Express is actually pretty. The only sparkle you have here is focused only on the top. The skirt is sequin free. This would probably be something I would get for myself. It’s very simple and understated. This also can be mixed and matched however you want. Dress it up or dress it down for a night out. Understated looks may just be my thing. Some girls may like to have all eyes on them when they walk into the room, but I don’t. Looking at the clothing racks in a lot of stores lately, it is very difficult to try and find an understated sequined top or skirt. A lot of them are too flashy and showy for my taste.

The sequined look also calls to mind a disco ball. I don’t know about you, but I can’t bring myself to wear anything that will remind people of a suspended mirror ball in the middle of the dance floor. And like most fashion trends, there is bound to be someone who will wear it incorrectly. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are ladies out there who start matching sequined top with sequined bottoms. That’s a glam overload. Not to mention you will be a walking disco ball or Christmas ornament in no time. I’m no expert on fashion by any means, but I think the sequins will pop better if you wear either the top or bottom with something plain to balance it out. Not both! Look good ladies, be not fashion victims.

Forever 21 Sparkling Sequin Shorts

Sequin skirts are just as popular as the tops, but I do not like sequined shorts. Take this pair of shorts being sold on Forever 21’s website. A sequined skirt is okay for a glammed out bottom to wear with a plain, non-glammy top. These shorts makes me think of those dance recital costumes young girls would wear for their onstage performance. Or maybe you are auditioning to become the next New York City Rockette and you want to channel those dancers by wearing this. Maybe it’s just me, but these shorts don’t look like a fashion item to be worn for special occasions. It’s too much like performance costume piece to me. A sequined mini-skirt is doable as a special occasion bottom to wear. Just my opinion of course. Feel free to disagree with me.

The real problem with this sequin and glitter trend is you can’t wear this too often. This is good for date night or a night of dancing, but you really can’t wear this as an every day item. I can imagine what I would look like if I tried to wear a sequined bottom or top to the office. I would look ridiculous. The trend is hot for sure, but not classic. As I’ve said before, I would invest on one glitter top or bottoms for my wardrobe but I would not fill it up with this stuff.

What’s your opinion on the glam trend? Love it or hate it?

2 thoughts on “The sequins and glitter trend in clothes

  1. Don’t hate me, simpleleek, but I love it. I have a few, but of course , they are not an everyday wear. ( stating the obvious). Just like accessories that pop out , if you’ve seen some of the pics on my site, I wear big hoop earrings), I’m also into things that glitter. hey, you know the skirt you have here, I have several of that, have had it since HS! Wow, they’re still IN? Ha ha ha)

    Happy Holidays ! ! Love your posts, girl ! Right up my alley!

    1. You are completely entitled to liking the sequins/glitter, renxkyoko. 🙂 Can’t hate you for loving what you love. I have seen a few pieces I wouldn’t mind buying like the shirt from Express I posted in this entry. The rest of what I’ve seen is a bit overkill for my own tastes.

      Happy Holidays to you too! I’ll do my best with my blog posts. Same to you as well. 😉 Still dropping by your blog from time to time to see what you have to say.

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