Level 100 & Beyond: How leveling up your character is a test of patience

Whenever I talk to my guy friends about video games they would often mention how they already maxed out the level of a particular character in a game. Usually they already finished the entire game and are just replaying it to reach Level 100 or more (if there is such a thing) to have the best possible character.

I really don’t see how they manage it. It gets tedious to keep going back to a level just so you can slowly build up your character level by level. I think leveling up a video game character isn’t as hard when you are playing a game for the first time and you are more engrossed in the story mode more than the actual level of your character.

Take the PSP game Dissidia Final Fantasy for instance. It’s nice that the game has additional replay value once you finish story mode for the first time. After your first playthrough, you unlock the Duel Colosseum where you can level up your characters and get high value items to give to your characters. I beat story mode for the first time with a character from Final Fantasy I, the Warrior of Light. He wasn’t at Level 100 at the time I was fighting the final big, bad boss Chaos, but he was close.

After I unlocked Duel Colosseum, I decided I wanted to max the Warrior of Light to 100. Leveling him up wasn’t going to be too difficult to do and it wasn’t. Once the Warrior of Light was at 100 max, I felt proud of myself for getting my first hero at his highest potential. Then I took one look at the list of other characters of the Cosmos camp who weren’t leveled up to 100 yet and I groaned. “This is going to take forever,” I thought. No joke there.

Trying to pick one character a day to level up slowly is annoying. I was patient at first. I replayed the individual story modes for each of Cosmos’ champions to help them move up a level or two. The bonus days were also a huge help because your character can level up twice as fast on a bonus day.

As time wore on I found myself bored with having to finish the individual story lines over and over again just so my character would have moved up a level. Fights were a cakewalk and facing the boss at the end of each individual story mode didn’t contain the same kind of excitement it used to when you first encountered them. You end up going through the motions.

Have I succeeded in getting all of my other champions of Cosmos maxed out to 100? No. Will I eventually get there? Maybe. Most likely when I do get every single hero at 100 I still have to tackle all the villains on the side of Chaos.

The point is I’m an impatient gamer. I care more about progressing a story rather than spending the time to level every single character to 100. If I get there then that’s great. If I don’t then it’s fine with me too. My male friends have more patience and persistence in leveling up their characters in games than I do. Maybe in time I will revisit a game like Dissidia and level up the rest like I started out to. In the meantime, I’m much happier to have accomplished one video game character at Level 100.

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