Wearing leggings as pants is just wrong

So here’s where the pinch of fashionista musings finally come into play on this blog. My blog will largely focus on geeky things. That won’t ever change. But every once in a while I will be mentioning a little bit about fashion, whether I’m gushing over an article of clothing to my gripes about the latest fashion trends.

A pair of Express leggings advertised on their website

My fashion pet peeve is wearing leggings like a pair of pants. I really don’t get it. Every time I ride the subway or even walk around my local neighborhood, I can’t help but feel appalled when women seem to rock leggings as if they are passable as pants or jeans. What’s even worse is when they pair them with a really short top. To me it screams, “I forgot to put on my skirt this morning.” A lot of the times leggings look too much like thick stockings you wear during the winter with a skirt or dress. At times I wonder if women start confusing leggings with stockings.

I know they are comfy to wear and feel soft against the skin. I wear leggings too. I do, however, absolutely refuse to wear them without pairing them with a skirt, sweater dress, or a longer top. In my opinion, that’s how they are supposed to be worn. Maybe celebrities and supermodels can get away with wearing leggings with a shorter top and without a skirt, but these women are on a whole other planet than us regular, every day women.

If I tried to wear leggings as pants, I would feel naked. I also don’t like how leggings seem to emphasize a woman’s crotch area. This is where my whole, “I feel naked” feeling comes from. With a shorter top paired with leggings, it’s hard not to notice the bump at the front. If anything that area should not be emphasized. A cute tunic top or a lovely dress with leggings looks classy and polished. The skirtless or short top way is not.

Some skinny girls can somehow make the shorter top with leggings pairing work, but they are the exception. I’m slim, but not stick slim. I have a butt and hips that would look too pronounced if I wore the leggings by itself.

Keep it classy ladies. You can wear leggings, but just pair it with the right outfit or top. Leggings are meant to compliment what you wear, not make you feel as if you were missing a pair of bottoms when you got dressed this morning.