Top 5 Japanese music videos I enjoy rewatching

I love J-pop and J-rock. I actually got introduced to the music because of anime. A lot of animes, television shows, and video games use really good opening/ending theme songs. I may not speak or understand Japanese, but there’s something quite catchy and different about their music. The music videos that go with them are also different from what you would see in American music videos. I always find the Japanese music videos to have a very artful and high production quality about them.

I decided I wanted to dedicate today’s post on the top 5 Japanese music videos I personally enjoy watching over and over again. I even have these songs on my iPod.

1. Kanon Wakeshima’s Suna no Oshiro

This song comes from the second season of the Vampire Knight anime. She also sings another song called Still Doll, which is heard in the first season of Vampire Knight. Wakeshima has a really great voice. The haunting tone of her voice matches well with the dark, moody atmosphere of VK. She’s also a skilled cellist. I feel hypnotized when I listen to her voice.

2. Utada Hikaru’s Passion ~single version~

Everything about this video is gorgeous. It has a very dreamy/fantasy like feel to it. And it’s Utada Hikaru! This is the theme song for the Kingdom Hearts 2 video game. The instrumentals in this song is a great compliment to Utada’s voice. It’s rock, electronic, and a ballad all wrapped into one.

3. Olivia’s A Little Pain

Here’s another video that has a very dreamy quality to it. It also reminds me of a fashion magazine spread in motion. This song is from the NANA anime. I never watched NANA, but I do know Olivia is the singing voice for a character named Reira who is the lead vocalist for Trapnest, a rock band in the anime. Olivia is pretty to watch along with everything else that goes on in the video.

4. Ai Otsuka’s Planetarium

This song was the love theme for the Japanese live action Jdrama of Hana Yori Dango. Judging from my list so far, you can tell I have an affinity for beautiful videos. I think this video tops all the other ones I’ve listed in the visual beauty department. It’s also romantic, sweet, and innocent. I think the video must be conveying what first love must feel like with the images of stargazing and pinwheels.

5. Bi Rain’s Sad Tango

And in a list dominated by ladies, I leave you with one male artist on my final pick. I know Bi Rain is Korean and not Japanese, but the song is sung mainly in Japanese. I love his smooth R&B voice and he’s hot too! The guy can move and as you watch the vid it makes you wonder, “How can any woman resist that Asian sexiness?” This is one song on my list that isn’t associated with any anime, television show, or video game but I like it all the same.

I hope you enjoy watching these too if you haven’t seen or heard of these artists before.

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