I’m falling for a…video game character?

You know a story and character is well written when you are very much invested in a game, book, film, or television show. I find myself oddly falling for a video game character. You heard me. My heart has been snatched up by none other than Alistair of Dragon Age Origins.

Alistair is one sexy (fictional) man

I’m still plugging away several hours into the game as much as I can during the week or weekends. The game is very engaging with characters you either love, hate, or don’t know quite what to feel for them. Add really good and convincing voice acting to these characters and you start thinking these computer animated characters are living and breathing human beings.

I definitely drool over handsome men that are drawn or animated nicely. I can probably list a bunch of crushes I have on fictional characters from manga and anime, but that may be best to save for a possible future post. The only difference is that I don’t think any of my crushes on these wonderful hunk of men have stuck with me as long as Alistair. After I finish reading a book or watch the last episode of an anime, I move onto the next crush-worthy cutie who will capture my interest and imagination. This time I can’t shake off Alistair.

Never mind that Alistair oozes sex appeal appearance wise, but he also has the sexy British accent to go with his manly physique. Anything that comes out of his mouth, whether he’s trying to add humor to a gloomy situation or is romancing my Human Noble Rogue made female Grey Warden, he says it with such deep sincerity and adorableness. It’s hard to resist!

Whenever Alistair gazes adoringly at your female Grey Warden, it’s as if he is talking directly to you. This character has a way of pulling at the heart strings and making you swoon. Every time there is a romantic scene between my character and Alistair, I easily melt in my seat. I find myself blushing or my heart fluttering at the sight of him or his loving words. Insane, right? I can understand why a lot of females who play Dragon Age Origins and romance Alistair in the game fall hard for him. He is the epitome of a near perfect male. I will admit that Alistair is a bit whiny at times in the game but I am able to overlook it. And Alistair is a virgin! How cute is he when he tries to explain his lack of inexperience in the love department to your character?

I think by the time I finish playing this game (and there will be plenty of replays in the near future after the first playthrough), Alistair will still linger in my mind. He is one of the few fictional characters I have encountered where I actually wish he was real. I want to find myself an Alistair.

I stumbled upon a blog entry by Natania Barron of GeekMom who wrote a post back in April about her love for Alistair and her dissatisfaction with romancing Anders, a character found in Dragon Age 2. Her post is very entertaining and echoes the same dilemma as I have for falling so hard and hopelessly in love with Alistair.

It makes you wonder if anyone else, gamer or not, have fallen for fictional characters that don’t exist. You may think you are crazy for succumbing to such a silly thing, but it’s all in good fun. I know it will be hard to top my absolute love for Alistair.

14 thoughts on “I’m falling for a…video game character?

      1. never really had a crush on a character after high school 😛 but that time I was a HUGE fan of Syaoran Li from Cardcaptor Sakura o.O (primarily because of a fanfic) =)

        right now no crushes… except maybe Sasuke once in a while :s I love his voice o.O

      2. Syaoran is definitely cute. I adored Cardcaptor Sakura. My anime crush during high school was Mamoru/Darien from Sailor Moon. He was my ideal man in looks and personality. 😉

  1. Simpleek, I know the feeling. This is kind of an old article but I am completely in love with Fenris from Dragon Age 2. I have to stop myself from watching Fenris cutscenes on youtube all day otherwise I would completely loose touch with reality.

    1. It’s okay. I don’t mind you commenting on an old article! I’m glad my older stuff is still getting found and read until now. Thank you for the comment!

      When a character is really well written and animated in such a way to make them look hot, it’s easy to fall for a video game character. 🙂

      1. I know im a bit late to the party, but omg.

        I started playing origins last week. Ive had had this crush (ok i was deeply in love ) with Garrus from Mass effect for at least 4-5 years. Ive never loved another character like this adorable turian. Then, dragon age.
        now im stuck in a love triangle, where im the only real person.

      2. Origins is the best game in the series so far. Dragon Age 2 has a weaker storyline, but I still enjoyed playing it. My top romances among Bioware males will always be Alistair and Kaidan Alenko. Those two are very near and dear to my heart. If only they were real men that existed. I’m hoping the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition will prove to be an epic game to play next month.

  2. I am totally, utterly and unconditionally in love with big boss from the metal gear solid series, I would follow him unquestionably in his decent into becoming a ‘villan’, I have never thought of his actions as being bad or even questionable, I find myself thinking that I wish I could take him away from everything that has happened to him during the series and I cry like a little baby when he dies

    1. I’ve never played any of the Metal Gear series, so I can’t relate to your love for Big Boss. However, when a video game character just resonates with you it’s really hard not to get attached to them. Even falling for them in the process!

  3. Hi there, yes I’m a little late to the party of tears. A friend just let me this game few days ago, and yes… I’m a gay guy obsessed with this shy and witty templar. It’s harsh falling in love with someone who don’t know that you even exist, but falling in love with someone who does not even exist? Better call the psychologist, is it? I’m glad I’m not the only one. Before I played the game I did my research, Zevran was the only option for me, I was very determined to convert him in my partner, that was before knowing Alistair. Despite that I feel a little bad, because I feel that I’m raping him or mind-controlling him to love me, I gotta say this mod saved my gaming-life.

    However, in words of David Gaider, Alistair’s creator: “That said, I don’t have an issue with Alistair being made into an option for male characters. As someone pointed out, Alistair has no sexual experience with *anyone* by the time the game starts — that doesn’t necessarily make him gay, but it certainly doesn’t indicate that he’s strictly straight, either. Alistair received conservative teachings at the hands of the Chantry, I imagine, but it’s an institution he’s rejected. I’d say overall he’s a fairly open-minded, sensitive guy. A relationship with someone he trusts is not that over the top. I say go for it (not that you need my permission or anything).”

    You can see this here: http://social.bioware.com/project/657/%20#comments (Page 91-100 of 186)

    I want to think that this fantasy is a story of two friends who become something else after thousand and one battles and experiences, just like Xena and Gabrielle. The self-torture and heartbreaking situation, this obsession that I have… I think that I identify myself with Alistair, I’m embarrased to say this but I’m still a virgin, and I see Alistair as an equal and love of my life. Maybe this obsession is just a reflects of my issues in real life. And it’s very weird talking about yourself in a blog post , but the way that these characters make us feel is real, because they are real virtual people, and the conection exist, and that draws you mad because is not real, is that making any sense at all? Sickening situation.

    1. What I like most about the games Bioware creates is there’s a conscious effort of inclusiveness for all gamers no matter what your gender or sexual orientation may be. The games can be whatever you want them to be. Like you said, you saw the story between your character and Alistair as one of two friends who become something else after spending so much time together. I think it’s a testament to the developer’s storytelling prowess. The game is an enriching and memorable experience that will leave its mark on players. I personally believe those are the best kind of games to play.

      1. Thank you for your words 🙂 I just want to be in a therapy group talking all day about feelings for this dorky prince.

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