You know it’s the holidays when you have shopping madness

After a long weekend and pounds added to the stomach, I am back for my regular daily blogging challenge project. Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate it.

At midnight I made an attempt to go for Black Friday shopping and…it was a huge mistake. Ever since retailers decided to move Black Friday shopping from 5 a.m. to midnight–– it was a lot worse.

Doing Black Friday shopping is HELL at midnight. I believe the news reports for this year’s Black Friday turnouts ended up surpassing previous Black Fridays. In desperate times everyone wants a good sale and deal. I currently work part-time at a medical office and I hardly make enough to afford spending big. As I look for a full-time job with better pay and one that allows me to put my media degree to good use I have to save every penny. No store will get my business until they give me a good deal.

Retailers want people to spend so they take drastic measures to slash prices for one day to attract the masses. They came all right, but at what cost will we go through for an affordable product?

Shoppers came out in droves to the midnight Black Friday sales, but there have been reports of violence during the biggest shopping day of the year. One incident was the woman who pepper sprayed a crowd at a Walmart. The reports have been varied about the incident. Some say she did it because she was angry that people were cutting her at the checkout line and others say she did it just so she can get her hands on one of the Xbox 360 consoles on sale that day. Whatever the reason, desperate times and low prices can turn people into something downright ugly.

I got my Xbox 360 back in October. It was way before all this Black Friday stuff. I got it at Target where they sold it as a bundle with the Kinect and the Kinect Adventures game. I really wasn’t interested in the Kinect, but I decided to buy it because of the $75.00 Target gift card they threw in with the purchase. I thought it was a good deal. Maybe not as good as the deals Black Friday had at places like Best Buy, Target, or Walmart but I was willing to pay a little more for it.

I didn’t bother attempting to go to Best Buy on Black Friday. I knew it would be mobbed. I have very little patience for crowds and I’m not crazy enough to fight people for cheap stuff like video games or consoles. You want it? You can have it. I’ll pay a little more and avoid injury for just shopping.

Cyber Monday, which is the Black Friday of the Internet, is a godsend. It’s the best way to shop without waiting on line or fighting people to look at the merchandise. Everything is laid out nicely for you on a page where you can scrutinize your possible buy as much as you want. You can even sit at the computer in your PJs and shop. Online shopping is a convenience for sure.

This time I have been good and I actually bought Christmas gifts for two of my friends so far. Amazon has a really good Cyber Monday video games deal today, and I found one more game I want to get for myself for the 360. I decided I will buy the game only if I buy another gift for a friend or family member. That way I get what I want and I shop for someone else at the same time too. Pretty sweet deal. My credit cards may weep a little, but I am getting a good deal so far. At least this will be the last of my video game shopping binge for a while.

Has anyone found any good deals this past weekend leading up to Cyber Monday?

6 thoughts on “You know it’s the holidays when you have shopping madness

  1. Haha…what a crazy woman was that who peppered sprayed the crowd. :))) People would walk through everything just to get a product that they don’t even need, but because it’s cheap…they MUST have it. What a crazy day…funny post though.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I like the blog you have going. 🙂 And yeah, Black Friday was nuts. The reports of people turning into animals for a good deal is insane. I’m definitely the type to just back off and let other people have it. I’m not going to risk life and limb for affordable merchandise.

      1. Thank you. 😀
        Haha..I imagine an old lady rushing through the crowd and pushing everybody just to take a product that is cheaper. :)) Money..the root of all evil..:))).

      2. It definitely is. The image you described is very accurate to Black Friday shopping. Either that or grabbing everything off the rack to see if a $5.00 dress is in your size while you’re still looking at it. *sighs* The dress thing happened to me actually. I was looking at the dress and an arm reaches over to grab a handful of dresses. People are rude and nuts sometimes.

  2. Hahaha…that was indeed a funny and sad (in the same time) thing…how rude can somebody be to grab a dress while you look at it. That never happened to me, but I’m sure I would have pulled that dress from that crazy women hands :))…ooorrr, I would have said to her some words so that she can feel embarrassed (even though she seems the type that don’t give a f**k).:))

    1. It wasn’t so bad in the end. I overheard that same girl whine about how none of the dresses she swiped off the rack were in her size. Serves her right! 🙂 The dress wasn’t in my size either, but at least I have the decency not to grab a handful of the merchandise while someone is still looking at it.

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