Giving up the Nintendo DS, 3DS, or PSP? Unthinkable!

I read some interesting articles about the portable gaming systems on CNET today. Both articles found here and here argue that portable gaming systems will most likely become obsolete in light of the attractive gaming market targeted for the Android and iOS. The main point of both articles is that the portable systems for Nintendo and Sony can’t compete in the generation of smartphones where everything is an all-in one package. Another point the articles make is the portables tend to be expensive and the games you want to buy with them aren’t any cheaper either. Most games found on an Android or iOS can be downloaded off the App Marketplace for free if no one feels like slapping down the extra cash to buy a game. Just simply browse the marketplace, find the game you want to play, and then hit download. Within seconds you will be gaming your way through Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja in no time.

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