Hold it! Ace Attorney Movie Trailer Debuts Online

Following comic retail stores like Midtown Comics on Facebook, they shared the link to the trailer for the new Takashi Miike helmed Phoenix Wright live action film based on Capcom’s Ace Attorney games. Have a look below:

Japanese actor Hiroki Narimiya is in the role of defense attorney Phoenix Wright and playing the overly confident prosecuting attorney Miles Edgeworth is actor Takumi Saito.

After watching the trailer, I can see that Miike is making what looks to be a very faithful adaptation of the video games. If anyone has ever played the Ace Attorney games, everything from the look of the characters to the gestures that is characteristic to both Wright and Edgeworth are exactly how you would know them in the games.

I do have some mixed feelings about a live action Ace Attorney movie. It is exciting to see the very intriguing characters of the games come to life, however, I do find the exact faithfulness of the hair and costumes for Edgeworth, Wright, Maya, Lotta Hart, etc. to be a bit absurd. It works well in an animated game space, but on the actors themselves it looks very unreal and unnatural. I think I would have been much happier if a studio in Japan announced an Ace Attorney anime. Ace Attorney would have made more sense as an anime rather than a live action movie. After playing an Ace Attorney game, I always thought it would make a good anime series with high quality voice actors attached to the project.

Despite my mixed feelings over the trailer, I will be watching the movie either way if it ever gets a stateside DVD release. If not, I’m pretty sure I can scour the web and find a fan-subbed version after it comes out.

What does everyone else think? Do you think Ace Attorney makes sense as a live action film? Or would it have been better as an anime? Voice your own opinions in the comments section.

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